31 January 2022

Podwireless 234 February 2022



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1. (Sig) Ian A Anderson : Goblets & Elms from the CD Onwards (Ghosts From The Basement) Bandcamp

2. Bird In The Belly : Famine, Fever, Frost from the CD After The City (GF*M) Website

3. Mitsune : Kaigara Bushi from the CD Hazama (Maru) Website

4. Oysterband : Wonders Are Passing from the CD Read The Sky (Running Man) Website

5. Peter Knight & John Spiers : Abbot's Bromley Horn Dance from the CD Both In A Tune (Peter Knight & John Spiers) Website

6. Juanita Euka : Na Lingi Mobali Te from the CD Mabanzo (Strut) Bandcamp

7. Rokia Kone & Jacknife Lee : Bambougou N'Tji from the CD Bamanan (Real World) Website

8. Simon J Jones : What To Look For In Summer from the CD How Things Work (Simon J Jones) Bandcamp

9. Ben McElroy : Store Away For A Winters Day from the DL How I Learnt To Disengage From The Pack (The Slow Music Movement) Bandcamp

10. Vigüela : La Dicha De La Cigüeña from the CD A La Manera Artesan (ARC) Website

11. Aguamadera : No Quiero Más Tu Amor from the CD Las Historias Que Han Dejado (Aguamadera) Website

12. Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage : A Winter's Night from the CD Ink Of The Rosy Morning (Topic) Website

13. Nancy Kerr : Invisible Married Breakfast Blues from the CD The Poor Shall Wear The Crown (Little Dish) Bandcamp

14. Harriet Riley & Alex Garden : Syzygy from the CD Sonder II (Harriet Riley & Alex Garden) Bandcamp

15. Wouter Vandenabeele & Tom Theuns feat. Bao Sissoko : Les Oiseaux d'Ailleurs from the CD Chansons Pour Les Oiseaux Qui Ne Savent Pas Voler (Home) Website

16. Agent Starling : Leave No Trace from the CD Constellation Of Birds (DHM) Website

17. Ritva Nero : Dragon Quadrille from the CD Immortal Tradition (Bafes Factory) Website

18. Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway : She'll Change from the CD Crooked Tree (Nonesuch) Website

19. The Pine Hearts : Bones Of The Vineyard from the CD Lost Love Songs (The Pine Hearts) Bandcamp

20. Maya Youssef : Samai Of Trees from the CD Finding Home (Maya Youssef) Website

21. Anouar Kaddour Cherif : Albatross from the CD Djawla (Riverboat) Website

22. Oscar Woods : Don't Sell It, Don't Give It Away from the CD The Rough Guide To Texas Blues (World Music Network) Website

23. Blind Lemon Jefferson : One Dime Blues from the CD The Rough Guide To Texas Blues (World Music Network) Website

24. Steve Gunn feat. Mikey & Ahmoudou from Mdou Moctar) : Protection from the DL EP Nakama (Matador) Website

25. Lil Obeah Meets Transglobal Underground : Timpul (Time) from the green vinyl LP Lil Obeah From Transylvania (Sound Of Art To Come) Bandcamp

26. Alaw : Fill The House from the CD Drawn To The Light (Taith) Website

27. Trip : The Ninth Wave from the CD A Drop For Neptune (Trip Music) Website

28. Talisk : Echo 22 from the CD Dawn (Talisk) Bandcamp

29. Nilotika Cultural Ensemble : Jajja Alimuffe from the CD Nyabingi Resurrection (Switchstance) Bandcamp

30. El Khat : Djaja from the CD Aalbat Alawi Op.99 (Glitterbeat) Website

31. Michael Chapman : Untitled 7 from the DL Another Fish (Tompkins Square) Bandcamp


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