31 August 2020

Podwireless 217 September 2020


1. (Sig) English Country Blues Band : The Italian Job from the CD Unruly (Weekend Beatnik) ghostsfromthebasement.bandcamp.com

2. Groupe RTD feat. Hassan Omar Houssein : Halkaasad Dhigi Magtiisa from the CD The Dancing Devils Of Djibouti (Ostinato) ostinatorecords.bandcamp.com

3. Qwanqwa : Ago from the CD Qwanqwa Vol 3 (FPE) fperecords.com

4. Sally Anne Morgan : Wagoner's Lad from the CD Thread (Thrill Jockey) thrilljockeyrecords.bandcamp.com

5. Fay Hield : Cruel Mother from the CD Wrackline (Topic) topicrecords.co.uk

6. Asa Martin : The Ship That Never Returned from the CD Wait Till The Clouds Roll By (Musical Traditions) mtrecords.co.uk

7. Harry Upton : The Ship That Never Returned from the CD Wait Till The Clouds Roll By (Musical Traditions) mtrecords.co.uk

8. Sandeep Das : Parvaaz E Noor (Flight Of Light) from the CD Delhi To Damascus (In A Circle) inacircle-records.com

9. Ammar 808 : Geeta Duniki from the CD Global Control / Invisible Invasion (Glitterbeat) glitterbeat.com

10. Emilyn Stam & John David Williams : Fern's Hill / Hannah's Crown from the CD Honeywood (Emilyn & John) emilynandjohn.com

11. Aquarela Oboman : Assanhado from the CD A Bela Vida (Buda/ Adlib) budamusique.com

12. Maskineri : Skob Konter from the CD Hopsa 101 (Go' Danish Folk Music) gofolk.dk

13. Khusugtun : Khayor Nutgiin Erkh from the CD Jangar (Buda) budamusique.com

14. Sairie : The House Of The Rising Sun from the DL album (Various Artists) Isolation & Rejection Vol.2 (Front & Follow) fandf.bandcamp.com

15. Alden Patterson & Dashwood and The Shackleton Trio : Tom Dooley from the DL Live EP (APD Shackleton) apdshackleton.bandcamp.com

16. Waterless Hills : Untidy from the DL album & Cass. Plague Road (Waterless Hills) waterlesshills.bandcamp.com

17. Alula Down : Searching For Lambs from the DL album Postcards From Godley Moor, Summer 2020 (Alula Down) aluladown.bandcamp.com

18. Cosmo Sheldrake : Nightingale Part 1 from the CD Wake Up Calls (Tardigrade) cosmosheldrake.com

19. Afel Bocoum : Dakamana from the CD Lindé (World Circuit) worldcircuit.co.uk

20. Tidiane Thiam : Dannibe from the DL album Siftorde (Sahel Sounds) sahelsounds.bandcamp.com

21. Jenny Sturgeon : The Group from the CD The Living Mountain (Hudson) hudsonrecords.co.uk

22. Stevie Palmer : James Watt's Perfect Engine from the CD We Become The Sunshine (Greentrax) greentrax.com

23. Rakoczy : Poor Old Horse from the CD Frontrunner (Talking Cat) rakoczymusic.co.uk

24. Pete Judge : Red Bank from the CD Piano 2 (Pete Judge) petejudgemusic.com

25. An Dro & Friends : Hieronymus Bosch Butt Music from the CD An Dro & Friends – Loose Change (Carolyn Koebel) carolynkoebel.bandcamp.com

26. Stick In The Wheel : Fake Away from the CD Hold Fast (From Here) stickinthewheel.bandcamp.com

27. Lunatraktors : 16,000 Miles from the CD EP Bonefires (TPR) lunatraktors.bandcamp.com

28. Osuwa Taiko feat. Masahiko Sato : Midare No Mai-Sousoku Suwa Ikazuchi from the CD Suwa Ikazuchi (Ratspack) ratspack.com

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