15 April 2021

Podwireless Archive Spring 2006



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For your mid-month continuing lock-in delectation, I've put together two programmes first heard over the interweb in April and May 2006 during Podwireless’s earlier incarnation as fRoots Radio, associated with fRoots magazine (RIP). You'll notice how many more major ‘world music’ (as we still called it then) releases there still were 15 years ago, before that all fell off a cliff. The 2008 world economic recession gave the coup de grâce to what had already begun with travel restrictions after events in Manhattan in September 2001 and a record industry battered by digital. All this was before the contemporary era of artist self-production and Bandcamp distribution really took off, greatly increasing releases by UK folk artists.

Some of the label web links that were given back then no longer work – the labels no longer exist. Even if they do, you may find that the CDs are out of catalogue. In those cases your first stop to track down a copy might be Discogs


1. (Sig) English Country Blues Band : The Italian Job from the CD Unruly (Weekend Beatnik) Bandcamp

2. (Old Sig) Tiger Moth : Sloe Benga from the CD Mothballs Plus (Weekend Beatnik) Bandcamp

3. Ojos De Brujo : Runali from the CD Techari (Diquela) Website

4. Think Of One : Tirar Onda from the CD Trafico (Crammed) Website

5. Cheika Rimitti : Kijani from the CD N'ta Goudami (Because)

6. Romica Puceanu & The Gore Bros : Doi Tovarisi Am La Drum from the CD Sounds From A Bygone Age Vol 2 (Asphalt Tango) Website

7. Katerina Papadopoulou : Oh My Heart from the CD Anatoli, Anatoli Mou (Polytropon)

8. Shirley & Dolly Collins : The Banks Of Sweet Primroses from the CD Snapshots (Fledg'ling) Website

9. Lou Rhodes : Treat Her Gently from the CD Beloved One (Infinite Bloom) Website

10. Mojmir Novakovic i Kries : GEA - unreleased - (Kopito) Website

11. Pecheurs De Perles : Abaida from the CD Wahed (Buda) Website

12. Toumani Diabate : Mamadou Diaby from the CD Boulevard De L'Independance (World Circuit) Website

13. Dembo Konte & Kausu Kuyateh : Alla L'aa Ke from the CD Jali Roll (revisited + 1) (Weekend Beatnik) Bandcamp

14. Babar Luck : War Fever from the CD Care In The Community (Rebel Music) Website

15. Ernie Payne : Coercion Street from the CD Coercion Street (Crossroads) Website

16. Lord Buckley : On A Cocoanut Island from the 1949 10" LP Comic Novelties (Solitaire)

17. Sam Ku West : Hue Hue, Hue Hue (Hawai'ian Hula) from the CD Hawaiian Hula Blues (Grass Skirt) Website

18. Anouar Brahem : Le Voyage De Sahar from the CD Le Voyage De Sahar (ECM) Website

19. (Old Sig) Tiger Moth : Sloe Benga from the CD Mothballs Plus (Weekend Beatnik) Bandcamp

20. Gotan Project : Mi Confesion from the CD Lunatico (XL/ ¡Ya Basta!) Website

21. Cheikha Rimitti : Dabri from the CD N'ta Goudami (Because)

22. Lou Rhodes : Save Me from the CD Beloved One (Infinite Bloom) Website

23. Jon Boden : Get A Little Something from the CD Painted Lady (Soundpost) http://www.jonboden.com

24. The Gloworms : Barham Down/The Yellow Joak from the CD Beam (Necta Arts)

25. The Boat Band : Keswick Bonny Lasses etc from the CD A Trip To The Lakes (Harbourtown) Website

26. Kathryn Tickell & Corinna Hewat : Brig Set from the CD The Sky Didn't Fall (Park) Website

27. Makam : Sarga A Repce Viraga from the CD Almanach (Folk Europa)

28. Kal : Dvojka from the CD Kal (Asphalt Tango) Website

29. West African Rhythm Brothers : Mofi Ajobi Seyin from the CD London Is The Place For Me 3 (Honest Jon's) Website

30. Lydia Mendoza : Invierno En Abril from the CD La Alondra De La Frontera (Arhoolie) Website

31. Pedro Luis Ferrer : Fundamento from the CD Rustico (Escondida Music)

32. Keyvan Chemirani, Nahawa Doumbia etc : Terik'e from the CD Le Rhythme De La Parole 2 (Accords Croises) Website

33. Samba Mapangala & Orchestra Virunga : Nyam Choma from the CD Song & Dance (Virunga) Website

34. Nguyen Le & Paulo Fresu : Thang Long from the CD Duos: Homescape (ACT) Website


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