31 May 2021

Podwireless 226 June 2021



(This playlink is to Mixcloud streaming: you can also download the podcasts from Podomatic )


1. (Sig) The English Country Blues Band : The Italian Job from the CD Unruly (Weekend Beatnik) Bandcamp

2. JP Harris' Dreadful Wind & Rain : Country Blues from the CD Don't You Marry No Railroad Man (Free Dirt) Website

3. Nick March : Dig A Hole (Little Lulie) from the CD EP Swing Your Partner (Nick March) Website

4. Dobet Gnahore : Désert from the CD Couleur (Cumbancha) Website

5. Ben Aylon feat. Khaira Arby : Alafia from the CD Xalam (Riverboat) Website

6. Polly Paulusma : Jack Munro from the CD Invisible Music: Folk Songs That Influenced Angela Carter (Wild Sound) Bandcamp

7. Bróna McVittie : A Pity Beyond All Telling from the DL album Future Folk – Friendly Faces, Different Spaces (The Slow Music Movement) Bandcamp

8. Rod Stradling : The Sportsman's Hornpipe from the CD Treacle & Bread (Ghosts From The Basement) Bandcamp

9. Sarah-Jane Summers & Juhani Silvola : Polskat (Rinda-Nickola) from the CD The Smoky Smirr O Rain (Eighth Nerve Audio) Website

10. Jim Eldon & The Sharpshooters : One Door Closes from the CD Rocking With The Band (One Row) Website

11. C.O.B. : Serpent's Kiss from the CD Spirit Of Love (East Central One) Website

12. Dal:um : TAL from the CD Similar & Different (Glitterbeat/ tak:til) Website

13. Amamiaynu : Kyuramun Rimse from the CD Rough Guide To The Best Japanese Music You've Never Heard (World Music Network) Website

14. Flo Perlin : Blue Is The Colour from the DL album Characters (Flo Perlin) Website

15. Bonnie "Prince" Billy & Nathan Salsburg : Unlearning Chant from the DL EP Three Feral Pieces (Nathan Salsburg) Bandcamp

16. Hamdi Benani, Mehdi Haddab & Speed Caravan : Jani Ma Jani from the CD Nuba Nova (Buda) Website

17. Antonis Antoniou : Ttappa Kato from the CD Kkismettin (Ajabu!) Website

18. Olcay Bayir : Ela from the DL EP Inside (Icerde) (Dream) https://olcaybayir.bandcamp.com

19. Joseph Spence : Run Come See Jerusalem from the CD Encore: Unheard Recordings Of Bahamian Guitar And Singing (Smithsonian Folkways) Website

20. Maria Muldaur with Tuba Skinny : Some Sweet Day from the CD Let's Get Happy Together (Stony Plain) Website

21. Dau : Zed Zed from the CD Zed Zed (Phantom Limb/Spirituals) Website

22. Kathryn Locke with Chodompa Music : Kuching from the CD LA (Kathryn Locke) Website

23. The Familiars : The Shaming Of Agnes Leman from the CD Dark Britannica 4 (Cold Spring) Website

24. Peter Knight's Gigspanner : Bold Riley from the CD From Poets To Wives (Talking Elephant) Website

25. Basco feat. Jullie Hjetland : Liti Kjersti from the CD Ræk Mig Faklen (Go' Danish Folk Music) Website

26. Tuuletar feat. Mikko Heikinpoika : Loimu (Flame) from the DL Single (Bafe's Factory) Website

27. HAV feat. Iona Fyfe : The Alabama from the DL album Haar (Polpols) Bandcamp

28. Alula Down : Caravan from the DL album Postcards From Godley Moor, Spring 2021 (Alula Down) Bandcamp

29. The Greeners : Rise Up from the DL EP Away (The Greeners) Bandcamp

30. Paul Hutchinson : Shapwick / Tipping Point from the CD Petrichor (Paul Hutchinson) Website


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