30 June 2020

Podwireless 215 July 2020


1. (Sig) English Country Blues Band : The Italian Job from the CD Unruly (Weekend Beatnik) ghostsfromthebasement.bandcamp.com

2. Mekons : Buried Treasure from the CD Exquisite (Mekorpse) mekorpse.bandcamp.com

3. Bab L’ Bluz : Oudelali from the CD Nayda! (Real World) realworldrecords.com

4. Jackie Oates & John Spiers : Death And The Lady from the CD Needle Pin, Needle Pin (Oates & Spiers) jackieoatesandjohnspiers.bandcamp.com

5. The Wilderness Yet : A Bruton Farmer from the CD The Wilderness Yet (The Wilderness Yet) thewildernessyet.com

6. Fiolministeriet : Kan Du Drømme Med Mig from the CD Et Nyt Liv (Go’ Danish Folk Music) gofolk.dk

7. Trio Bacana : Transatlântikèr from the CD Transatlântikèr (Klam) klam-records.com

8. Caroline Keane : The Nightingale / The Rock On The Clyde / The Jig Of Port Fleadh from the CD Shine (Caroline Keane) carolinekeanemusic.com

9. Kevin Henderson & Neil Pearlman : Sjovald from the CD Burden Lake (Sungaet) kevinandneil.com

10. La Gallera Social Club : Mariposa De Mucubaji from the CD Tropico Salvaje (Tortuga) lagallerasocialclub.com

11. The Mavericks : Poder Vivir from the CD En Español (Mono Mundo) themavericksband.com

12. La Banda Morisca : Tres Morillas from the CD Gitara Mora (Producciones Monfíes) labandamorisca.com

13. Twelfth Day : Deep Dark Beast (Radio Edit) from the single (Twelfth Day) twelfthdaymusic.com

14. Chalk Horse Music : Hegemony from the CD Hegemony (Chalk Horse Music) chalkhorsemusic.com

15. Kalasfolket : Kallkällspolska from the CD Kalasfolket (Branda Taket) kalasfolket.se

16. Evritiki Zygia : Nuxtec from the CD Ormenion (Teranga Beat) terangabeat.com

17. Menace d’Éclaircie : Kenavo Tino from the CD Finish Your Patates And Take Your Converses (Klam) klam-records.com

18. The Silver Field : Day Flowers from the CD Sing High! Sing Low! (Crossness) thesilverfield.bandcamp.com

19. The Rowan Amber Mill : Black Is The Colour (Single Edit) from the CD Among The Gorse To Settle Scores (Miller Sounds) millersoundslabel.bandcamp.com

20. Brendan Ring & Bernard O’Neill : The Way from the CD An tSli (Long Tale Recordings) longtalerecordings.com

21. Green Gartside : The Tangled Man from the CD The Tangled Man (Rough Trade) roughtrade.com

22. Z Cercis Nesim : Ballet Me Sadefe Korçarçe from the CD Songbirds – Albanian Music From 78s, 1924-1948 (JSP) jsprecords.com

23. Riza Bylbyli : Korba O Çeço from the CD Songbirds – Albanian Music From 78s, 1924-1948 (JSP) jsprecords.com

24. Tirana-Tirona AllStars : Ulu Mal Te Dali Hone from the LP Tirana 100 (Arte Foundation)

25. George Sansome : Gown Of Green from the CD George Sansome (Grimdon) georgesansome.co.uk

26. Jon Wilks : Tell Old Bill from the single (Jon Wilks) jonwilks.bandcamp.com

27. Mascarimiri : Zimba Revoluction from the CD NOU? (Mascarimiri) mascarimiri.bandcamp.com

28. Teres Aoutes String Band : La Nite Di Sourchire from the CD Courenta Cadillac (W Music) teresaoutestringband.com

29. Fiddlin’ John Carson : The Little Old Log Cabin In The Lane from the CD Wait Till The Clouds Roll By (Musical Traditions) mtrecords.co.uk

30. Walter Pardon : The Little Old Log Cabin Down The Lane from the CD Wait Till The Clouds Roll By (Musical Traditions) mtrecords.co.uk

31. 3’Ain : Yana Bikes from the CD 3’ain (Choux De Bruxelles) choux.net

32. Collectress : Landing from the CD Different Geographies (Peeler) collectress.bandcamp.com

33. Siti Muharam : Sikitiko from the CD Siti Of Unguja (On The Corner) sitimuharam.bandcamp.com

34. Karkum Project : Earth Mother (Song For A New World) from the single (Karkum Project) karkumproject.it

35. The Rolling Ramshackle Revue : Lily, Rosemary And The Jack Of Hearts from the single (Dusty Willow) rollingramshacklereview.bandcamp.com

36. Dirk Powell : Ain’t Never Fell from the CD When I Wait For You (Vertical) verticalrecords.co.uk

37. Marie Fielding : Aran Islands from the CD The Spectrum Project (Rumford) mariefieldingmusic.com

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