14 June 2020

Podwireless No Voices (England)

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I’ve already done lockdown specials this year on European folk, early country blues and West African women but this one’s from right at home. Everybody who made the music I’m playing – from archive traditional greats to modern adventurers – lives/lived (though not necessarily was born or stayed) in England. And a fair bit – but by no means all – of the music has English traditional roots and influences. Anyway, I made the rules!
So… the first track, recorded way back in 1962, is quintessentially English country dance music. Except… it’s a polka, which didn’t originate from here, and it’s played on melodeon and hammered dulcimer, which came from somewhere else as well. And its title, Jenny Lind, is the name of a Swedish opera singer. But all those things have long since become naturalised, like lots of our culture – it’s a proper job mongrel.
This programme is called No Voices because – apart from the odd cackle – it’s entirely instrumental. I was involved in a little concert series in London in 2016 with that title and in spite of doubters saying nobody would want to sit through whole evenings of instrumental music, it was a great success, a sell out, and is likely to be repeated if concert halls ever re-open. Anyway, most of the musicians who appeared in it are included in this programme. Light bulb moment credit for that was due to David Agnew of Manchester Folk Festival who, earlier, mounted a double bill of Spiro and Leveret which turned out to be one of the most exhilarating evenings in the event.
Anyway, as the tune title says, “off she goes”!

1. (Sig intro) English Country Blues Band : The Italian Job from the CD Unruly (Weekend Beatnik) ghostsfromthebasement.bandcamp.com
2. Billy Cooper, Walter & Daisy Bulwer, Reg Hall & Mervyn Plunkett : Jenny Lind / The Girl I Left Behind Me from the CD English Country Music (Topic) topicrecords.co.uk
3. Leveret : Molly Apple Pye from the CD Diversions (Rootbeat) leveretband.com
4. Eliza Carthy Band : No Man's Jig / Hanoverian Dance / Three Jolly Sheepskins from the CD Anglicana (Topic) topicrecords.co.uk
5. Martin Simpson : Down In The Valley To Pray / Continue To Roll from the CD A Closer Walk With Thee (Fledg'ling - out of print) martinsimpson.com
6. Ben Walker : A Day At The Races / The Fox On The Downs from the CD The Fox On The Downs EP (Folk Room) folkroom.co.uk/
7. Three Cane Whale : Cruc from the CD 303 (Three Cane Whale) threecanewhale.com
8. Arlet : Aidan's from the CD Clearing (Smugglers) (and fRoots 46) smugglersrecords.com
9. BJ Cole & Emily Burridge : Gnossienne No.1 from the CD Into The Blue (BJEM) emilyburridge.com
10. Ben Mandelson : The Streets Of Delhi from the CD fRoots 21 (fRoots - out of print) Email
11. Rod Stradling : The Sportsman's Hornpipe from the CD Treacle & Bread (Ghosts From The Basement)
12. Banter : Plane Tree from the CD Yes (Mrs Casey Music) (and fRoots 58) banter.band
13. Percy Brown : Step Dance Medley from the CD Heel & Toe (Veteran) veteran.co.uk
14. William Kimber : The Blue-Eyed Stranger from the CD The Music Of William Kimber (EFDSS) efdss.org
15. Jim Eldon : Goathland Speed The Plough from the CD Songs And Fiddle Tunes (Stick) veteran.co.uk
16. John Kirkpatrick : Glorishears from the CD Plain Capers (Topic) topicrecords.co.uk
17. The Old Swan Band : Moss-Trooper's Polka / Billy Ballantine's Reel from the CD Fortyfived (Wild Goose) wildgoose.co.uk
18. Spiro : The Copper Suite from the DL single (Real World) realworldrecords.com
19. Neal Heppleston : Spencer The Rover from the CD Folk Songs For Double Bass (Preserved Sound) preservedsound.com
20. Annie Whitehead & Alistair Anderson : Crazy Midnight: II. Twelve Midnight from the CD Northern Lights / Airplay (Provocateur) alistairanderson.com
21. Kathryn Tickell & The Side : Penguin Notes from the CD Kathryn Tickell & The Side (Resilient) kathryntickell.com
22. Penguin Café : Ghost In The Pond from the CD A Matter Of Life... (Penguin Café) penguincafe.com
23. Boka Halat : Small Coals from the CD The Drummer (TAPS) (and fRoots 24) tradarts.org/boka.htm
24. Brass Monkey : Tip-Top Hornpipe / Primrose Polka from the CD The Complete Brass Monkey (Topic) topicrecords.co.uk
25. Bellowhead : Rochdale Coconut Dance from the CD E.P.Onymous (Bellowhead) bellowhead.co.uk/music
26. Al Jones : Most Chickens Are Mild And Friendly Or Would Like To Be from the CD Jonesville + (Ghosts From The Basement) ghostsfromthebasement.bandcamp.com
27. Dave Evans : Insanity Rag from the CD The Words In Between (Earth) earthvinyl.com
28. Ian A Anderson : Goblets & Elms from the CD Onwards! (Ghosts From The Basement) ghostsfromthebasement.bandcamp.com
29. The Rheingans Sisters : Dancing In The Cow Shed from the CD Already Home (Rootbeat) rheinganssisters.co.uk
30. Methera : Rising Sun from the CD Vortex (Methera) (also on fRoots 61) methera.co.uk
31. Collectress : Pumphouse from the CD Mondegreen (Collectress) (also on fRoots 49) collectress.co.uk
32. Andrew Cronshaw : To A Smiling Shore from the CD Zithers (Cloud Valley) andrewcronshaw.com
33. Effra : Musicophilia from the CD Below Ground (Effra) (also on fRoots 68) effra.bandcamp.com
34. Duck Soup : The Radstock Jig from the CD Duck Soup (Hebe Music) (also on fRoots 26) ducksoup.bandcamp.com
35. Pigeon Swing : Reel Joseph/ Reel des Accordeonistes from their unreleased demo thepigeonswing.co.uk
36. C. Joynes : Pollard The Limes from the CD Congo (Bo Weavil) boweavilrecordings.com
37. Davy Graham & Alexis Korner : 3/4 A.D. from the EP 3/4 AD (Topic) topicrecords.co.uk
38. PolkaWorks : The Whetstone / Tekili from the CD Borrowed Shoes (G&T Music) polkaworks.co.uk
39. Davey & Dyer : An Lanow / Cornish Girls from the CD Dynamite Quay (Dalla) (also on fRoots 71)  dalla.co.uk/daveydyerduo
40. The Imagined Village (Gloworms v. Tiger Moth) : Kit Whites I & II / Sloe On The Uptake from the CD The Imagined Village (Real World) realworldrecords.com
41. (Outro): The Folk Dance Band : Sellenger's Round from the CD Listen To The Band (EFDSS) efdss.org

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