31 December 2021

Podwireless 233 January 2022



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1. (Sig) Ian A Anderson : Goblets & Elms from the CD Onwards (Ghosts From The Basement) Bandcamp

2. Gordana & Miroslav Evacic : Spevaj Der Mi Maro from the DL Single (Intek Music) Bandcamp

3. Bert Jansch : Fresh As A Sweet Sunday Morning from the CD L.A. Turnaround (Virgin/EMI) https://www.bertjansch.com

4. Spell Songs : Jay from the CD Spell Songs II: Let The Light In (Quercus) Website

5. Rachel Newton & Lauren MacColl : Da Dim from the CD Heal & Harrow (Heal & Harrow) Website

6. Justin Adams & Mauro Durante : Amara Terra Mia from the CD Still Moving (Ponderosa Music) Website

7. Laurel Premo : Till The Warfare Is Over from the CD The Iron Trios (Laurel Premo) Website

8. C Joynes : Night Over Djerba from the CD Poor Boy On The Wire (Cardinal Fuzz/ Sophomore Lounge) Bandcamp

9. Roscoe Holcomb : Swanno Mountain from the vinyl LP The Old Church (Jalopy) Website

10. Joseph Spence : Brown Skin Girl from the CD Joseph Spence Encore (Smithsonian Folkways) Website

11. Glen Peters : Let No Man Steal Your Thyme from the CD Just For The Record (Fflach) Website

12. Iona Fyfe : Poor Ditching Boy from the DL Single (Iona Fyfe) Website

13. Dafné Kritharas : Mystika Pos S'Agapo from the CD Varka (Lior Editions) Website

14. Rokia Koné & Jacknife Lee : N'yanyan from the CD Bamanan (Real World) Website

15. Ben Morgan-Brown : Down By The Great River Ouse from the CD Down By The Great River Ouse (Old Hemp & Co) Bandcamp

16. Megan Henderson : Almost Home from the CD Pilgrim (Megan Henderson) Website

17. Park Jiha : Light Way from the CD The Gleam (Glitterbeat) Bandcamp

18. Michael Hurley : Beer, Ale And Wine from the CD The Time Of The Foxgloves (No Quarter) Bandcamp

19. Dave Kelly feat. Jo Ann Kelly : Where's My Good Man At from the CD Keeps It In The Family (BGO) Bandcamp

20. Lisa Knapp : Cherry Tree Carol from the DL Single (Lisa Knapp) Bandcamp

21. Gwen Màiri : Khanta Zagun (Let's All Sing) from the CD Douze Noëls (Gwen Màiri) Website

22. The Wilderness Yet : Drive The Cold Winter Away from the CD Turn The Year Round (The Wilderness Yet) Website

23. Barbecue Bob : Goin' Up The Country from the CD Matchbox Bluesmaster Series Set 6 (Matchbox Bluesmaster) Website

24. Memphis Jug Band : Move That Thing from the CD Matchbox Bluesmaster Series Set 6 (Matchbox Bluesmaster) Website

25. Papa Charlie Jackson : Look Out Papa Don't Tear Your Pants from the CD Matchbox Bluesmaster Series Set 6 (Matchbox Bluesmaster) Website

26. Daahl! : Fans Hoppsa Efter Johan Dahl from the CD Daahl! (Smålands Musikarkiv) Website

27. We Are The Monsters : Trouser Worrier from the DL Single (We Are The Monsters) Bandcamp

28. Adam Geoffrey Cole : Life Is A Fable from the vinyl LP Fallowing (Sunstone) Bandcamp

29. Loes Van Schaijk : The Wind And The Water from the CD All I Ever Really Seem To Say (Loes Musician) Bandcamp

30. Divanhana : Cilim from the CD Zavrzlama (CPL Music) Website

31. Mamaliga Orkestar : Te Lubesc, Te Lubesc, Te Lubesc from the CD Da! (Home Records) Website

32. Damien McGeehan : Errity's Jigs from the CD Kin (Damien McGeehan) Website


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