06 December 2021



The 50 favourites from more than 350 new CD releases that made it through selection for Podwireless play in 2021.




Still Moving (Ponderosa Music) Website


2.  LAUREL PREMO Golden Loam (Laurel Premo) Website

3.  SPELL SONGS II - Let The Light In (Folk By The Oak) Website

4.  ALASDAIR ROBERTS og VÖLVUR The Old Fabled River (Drag City) Website

5.  ANTONIS ANTONIOU Kkismettin (Ajabu) Website

6.  ROBERT PLANT & ALISON KRAUSS Raise The Roof (Warner) Website

7.  COMORIAN We Are An Island But We’re Not Alone (Glitterbeat) Website

8.  HANNAH JAMES & TOBY KUHN Sleeping Spirals (Jigdoll) Website

9.  PUULUUP Vijmane Suusataja (Ounaviks) Bandcamp

10. SPIERS & BODEN Fallow Ground (Hudson) Website




Best compilation, re-issue or historical album of 2021


Encore (Smithsonian Folkways) Website


2   VARIOUS ARTISTS Summer Is Icumen In (Grapefruit) Website

3.  VARIOUS ARTISTS Zanzibara 10 – First Modern Taarab Vibes from Mombasa & Tanga (Buda) Website

4.  VARIOUS ARTISTS Weirdshire At Babar Cafe (Sproatly Smith) Bandcamp



The Rest Of The Best (Alphabetically)


L’ALBA A Principiu (Buda) Website

CHRISTINA ALDEN & ALEX PATTERSON Hunter (Alden & Patterson) Website

LEWIS BARFOOT Glenaphuca (Lewis Barfoot) Website

COHEN BRAITHWAITE-KILCOYNE Rakes & Misfits (Grimdon) Website

BURD ELLEN Says The Never Beyond (Burd Ellen) Website

CGS Meridiana (Ponderosa Music) Website


DORAN Doran (Spinster) Bandcamp

NAHAWA DOUMBIA Kanawa (Awesome Tapes From Africa) Bandcamp

JOHN FRANCIS FLYN I Would Not Live Always (River Lea) Website

DOBET GNAHORE Couleur (Cumbancha) Website

GRANNYS ATTIC The Brickfields (Grimdon) Website

KATE GREEN A Dark Carnival (Kate Green) Website

DEVIN HOFF Voices From The Empty Moor (Kill Rock Stars)  Bandcamp

MARI JOYCE Dear Moon (Mari Joyce)  Bandcamp

KHASI-CYMRU COLLECTIVE ’Sai-thaiñ Ki Sur (Naxos World) Website

IAN KING Inebriate Of The Air (Fledg’ling) Website

LE REN Leftovers (Secretly Canadian) Bandcamp

LUNATRAKTORS The Missing Star (Lunatraktors) Bandcamp

MASSILIA SOUND SYSTEM Sale Caractere (Manivette) Bandcamp

SIMON MAYOR & HILARY JAMES When Summer Comes Again (Acoustics) Website

MISHRA Reclaim (Mishra) Website

MONSIEUR DOUMANI Pissourin (Glitterbeat) Website

PATTERSON DIPPER Unearthing (Patterson Dipper) Bandcamp

POLLY PAULUSMA Invisible Music (Oli) Bandcamp

RADIO TUTTI & BARILLA SISTERS Xogo (Lamastrock) Website

ISLA RATCLIFF The Castalia (Isla Ratcliff) Website

NATHAN SALSBURG Psalms (No Quarter) Bandcamp

SOLIA Tous Les Parfums (Home) Website

PETER STAMPFEL 20th Century In 100 Songs (Louisiana Red Hot) Bandcamp

STUNDOM Ma Jeg Holde Din Hand (Go’ Danish) Website

LA TALVERA A Tu Vai (Cordae La Talvera) Website

ANNA CINZIA VILLANI Ulia (Core De Villani) Website

WARSAW VILLAGE BAND Uwodzenie Waterproduction (Karrot Kommando) Website

JON WILKS Up The Cut (Jon Wilks) Bandcamp

BARBORA XU Olin Ennen (Nordic Notes) Website



and… 4 vinyl-only releases, mentioned in despatches

ADAM GEOFFREY COLE Fallowing (Sunstone) Bandcamp

ROBB JOHNSON Minimum Wages (Irregular) Website

GEOFF MULDAUR His Last Letter (Moon River Music) Website

VARIOUS ARTISTS Songs Without Authors (Broadside Hacks) Bandcamp


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