31 March 2022

Podwireless 236 April 2022



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1. (Sig) Ian A Anderson : Goblets & Elms from the CD Onwards (Ghosts From The Basement) Bandcamp

2. Taj Mahal & Ry Cooder : Cornbread Peas Black Molasses from the CD Get On Board (Nonesuch) Website

3. John Hammond & The Wicked Grin Band : Clap Hands from the CD Wicked Grin – Live (MIG Music) Website

4. Nick Hart : Lucy Wan from the CD Nick Hart Sings Ten English Folk Songs (Roebuck) Bandcamp

5. Andy Irvine & Paul Brady : Mary And The Soldier from the CD Andy Irvine / Paul Brady (Mulligan) Website

6. Nora Brown : Wedding Dress from the LP/DL Sidetrack My Engine (Jalopy) Bandcamp

7. Mama's Broke : Oh Sun Pale Night / Forgetting Reel from the CD Narrow Line (Free Dirt) Bandcamp

8. Olav Luksengård Mjelva : Cpap from the CD Hugnad (Klangsmia) Website

9. Jagd, Bugge, Beck : Den Gale Hane from the CD Jagdselskabet (Go Danish Folk Music) Website

10. Altin Gun : Badi Sabah Olmadan from the DL single (Glitterbeat) Website

11. The Bongo Hop feat Nidia Gongora : La Ñapa from the DL La Ñapa EP (Underdog) Bandcamp

12. Kevin Buckley : Ryder's Block from the CD Big Spring (Avonmore) Bandcamp

13. Bruce Macgregor : Dave Gifford's Adventure Wrapped In A Dream from the CD Road To Tyranny (MacGregor's) Website

14. Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage : Polly O Polly from the CD Ink Of The Rosy Morning (Topic) Website

15. Eva Coyle : Down To The Shore from the DL Single (Eva Coyle) Website

16. The Haar : Whiskey In The Jar from the CD Where Old Ghosts Meet (Under The Eaves) Bandcamp

17. Ben McElroy : Hedgehogs from the CD How I Learnt To Disengage From The Pack (The Slow Music Movement) Bandcamp

18. The Imaginaries : All Our Tomorrows from the CD Resonant Futures (Flying Man) Bandcamp

19. Branko Mataja : Tebi Majko Misli Lete from the LP/DL Over Fields & Mountains (Numero Group) Website

20. Son House : Forever On My Mind from the CD Forever On My Mind (Easy Eye Sound) Website

21. Garfield Akers : Cottonfield Blues - Part 1 from the CD Rough Guide To Delta Blues - Vol. 2 (World Music Network) Website

22. Bella Gaffney & Sam Kelly : Fair And Tender Ladies from the DL Single (Bella Gaffney) Website

23. Bryony Griffith & Alice Jones : The Grey Mare from the CD A Year Too Late And A Month Too Soon (Splid) Website

24. The Henrys : Shrug-a-Lug from the CD Shrug (The Henrys) Bandcamp

25. Rory McLeod : You Don't Know Her (Like I Do) from the DL Single (Talkative) Bandcamp

26. Katie Spencer : Silence On The Hillside from the CD The Edge Of The Land (Lightship) Bandcamp

27. Ana Silvera : Queen Of Swords from the CD The Fabulist (Ana Silvera) Bandcamp

28. Sushma Soma with Aditya Prakash : Grief from the DL album Home (Sushma Soma) Website

29. Yukihiro Atsumi : Ume Ha Saitaka from the CD Hauta – Edo Period Ballads Live (Nippon Note) Website

30. Heart Of The Dragon Ensemble : The Moon Before Dawn from the CD The Art Of The Chinese Xiao & Hulusi (Naxos World) Website

31. The Ciderhouse Rebellion : Cottages At High Baring from the CD Genius Loci 2: The Valley Of Iron (Under The Eaves) Bandcamp


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