30 April 2022

Podwireless 237 May 2022



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1. (Sig) Ian A Anderson : Goblets & Elms from the CD Onwards (Ghosts From The Basement) Bandcamp

2. Peter Rowan : Veil Of Deja Blue from the CD Calling You From My Mountain (Rebel) Website

3. Rev Simpkins : Hail To The New King Of England from the CD Saltings (Antigen) Bandcamp

4. Lily Henley : Oras Dezaoradas from the CD Oras Dezaoradas (Lior Editions) Website

5. Kate Rusby feat. Ladysmith Black Mambazo : We Will Sing from the CD 30 : Happy Returns (Pure) Website

6. Corner House : Mayfly from the CD How Beautiful It's Been (Corner House) Bandcamp

7. Kinnaris Quintet : This Too from the CD This Too (Kinnaris Quintet) Bandcamp

8. Soadan : Pieds Nus from the CD Pieds Nus (Tinker) Website

9. Noori & His Dorpa Band : Saagama from the LP/DL Beja Power! Electric Soul & Brass From Sudan's Red Sea Coast (Ostinato) Bandcamp

10. Fellow Pynins : Pretty Polly from the CD Lady Mondegreene (Fellow Pynins) Bandcamp

11. Hannah Read & Michael Starkey : Charleston from the CD Cross The Rolling Water (Hudson) Website

12. Ozan Tekin : Life Blooms In Concrete from the DL/LP Anarya II (Conversations With A Fading Piano) (Gülbaba) Bandcamp

13. Les Fils Canouche : Maître D'homme from the CD Nagori (Vlad Productions) Website

14. Solana : Pangaea from the CD Mirage (Solana) Website

15. Broadside Hacks : Barbry Allen from the DL single Barbry Allen (Broadside Hacks) Bandcamp

16. The Kitchen Cynics : Farm Lads from the DL Pressing Matters (Apple Tree Lament) Bandcamp

17. Andy Martyn : The Ballygawley Barndance from the CD Will We Give It A Go? (Andy Martyn) Bandcamp

18. The Blackwater Céilí Band : The Trip To Athlone / Scatter The Mud / The Banks Of Newfoundland  from the CD Northern Landscape (Blackwater Ceili Band) Website

19. Frankie Archer : Over The Border from the DL single (Frankie Archer) Bandcamp

20. Yoko Pwno : Long Bath from the CD Part Machine (Skye) Website

21. Catrin Finch & Seckou Keita : Jeleh Calon from the CD Echo (Bendigedig) Website

22. Fraya Thomsen : Marie Louise Napier's / Patsy Seddon's from the CD Release (Fraya Thomsen) Bandcamp

23. Maija Kauhanen : Linnunrata from the CD Menneet (Nordic Notes) Website

24. Horzines Stara : Les Bordes De Terre from the CD Bordes De Terre – Dubhe (Vlad Productions) Bandcamp

25. Rory McLeod : It's Everybody's Fault But Mine from the DL single (Talkative) Bandcamp

26. Jim Page : Amadou Diallo from the CD The Time Is Now (Whid-Isle) Bandcamp

27. Rev Simpkins : Ghost Harmonies from the CD Saltings (Antigen) Bandcamp

28. MANdolinMAN feat. Ansatz Der Maschine : Hemellied from the CD Houtekiet (Trad Records) Website

29. Startijenn : Typhaine from the CD Talm Ur Galon (Paker) Website

30. Belshazzar's Feast : Staines Morris/Apple Tree Wassail from the CD That's All Folkies! (Wild Goose) Website

31. Ben Robertson : Mr Pickering Of Halkyn from the CD Rosewood (Ben Robertson) Bandcamp


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