31 May 2022

Podwireless 238 June 2022



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1. (Sig) Ian A Anderson : Goblets & Elms from the CD Onwards (Ghosts From The Basement) Bandcamp

2. Folkatomic : Quant Ave from the CD Polaris (Italy Sona) Website

3. Antonio Castrignano feat. Don Rico : Nina from the CD Babilonia (Ponderosa Music) Website

4. Nick Hart : The Bold Pedlar And Robin Hood from the CD Nick Hart Sings Ten English Folk Songs (Roebuck) Bandcamp

5. Oumou Sangare : Demissimw from the CD Timbuktu (World Circuit) Website

6. Tamsin Elliott : When The Times Darken from the CD Frey (Penny Fiddle) Bandcamp

7. Eccodek feat. Brenna MacCrimmon : Moj Dilbere from the CD Recalibrate (Big Mind) Bandcamp

8. The Early Mays : The Ballad Of Johnny Fall from the DL EP Prettiest Blue (The Early Mays) Bandcamp

9. The Shackleton Trio : Bird's Nest Bound from the CD Mousehold (Shackleton Trio) Bandcamp

10. Daniel Bellegarde : Aimable from the CD Pastourelle (Quartier General) Bandcamp

11. Madalitso Band : Chikondi Sichiona Nkhope from the CD Musakayike (Bongo Joe) Bandcamp

12. The Beale Street Sheiks : Chicken You Can Roost Behind The Moon from the CD Songsters And Saints (Matchbox Bluesmaster) Website

13. Bobby Grant : Nappy Head Blues from the CD The Rough Guide To Slide Guitar Blues (World Music Network) Website

14. Brooks Williams & Aaron Catlow : CC&O Blues from the CD Ready For The Times (Red Guitar Blue Music) Website

15. Delbert McClinton : I Ain't Got You from the CD Outdated Emotion (Hot Shot/Thirty Tigers) Website

16. Aurélie Dorzée & Tom Theuns : Tante Noir from the CD The Seven Gardens (Home) Website

17. Meszecsinka : Eg Veletek – Goodbye from the CD Arnyek – Shadow (CPL-Music) Bandcamp

18. Madalina Paval : 100 De Ploi from the DL Roiesc (Asphalt Tango) Bandcamp

19. Ye Vagabonds : Lord Gregory from the CD Nine Waves (Lea Valley) Website

20. Guano Padono feat. Sam Amidon : Short Life from the CD EP Back And Forth (Ponderosa Music) Website

21. Shadi Fathi & Bijan Chemirani : Âsâyesh from the CD Awat (Buda) Website

22. Sirocco : Vamos Para La Orilla from the CD El Faro (Sirocco) Website

23. Aman Aman : Sien Drahmas Al Dia from the CD The Rough Guide To Jewish Music (World Music Network) Website

24. Angeline Morrison : Idumea from the CD The Brown Girl And Other Folk Songs (Angeline Morrison) Bandcamp

25. Lewis Barfoot & Kerry Andrew : Lullaby from the DL single (Lewis Barfoot) Bandcamp

26. Meïkhaneh : Je M'en Vais from the CD Chants De Dedans, Chants Du Dehors (Buda) Website

27. Zor : Tumer Khaita from the CD Folk And Great Tunes From Siberia And Far East (CPL-Music) Website

28. Adam Geoffrey Cole : Fortified (Nothing Will Be Lost) from the CD The Tracks Of The Afterlander (Ramble) Bandcamp

29. M G Boulter : Lady Arabella from the DL EP A Shadow Falls Over New Brighton (Hudson) Bandcamp

30. Geiger von Muller : Space Digger #1 from the CD Slide Sonatas (Geiger von Muller) Bandcamp

31. Toby Martin : German Sea from the DL/ LP I Felt The Valley Lifting (Toby Martin) Bandcamp

32. Bosun Higgs : Haughton House/Quigley's Reel from the CD A Most Particular Vintage (Wild Goose) Website


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