30 April 2020

Podwireless 213 May 2020


1. (Sig) English Country Blues Band : The Italian Job from the CD Unruly (Weekend Beatnik) ghostsfromthebasement.bandcamp.com

2. Wu Fei & Abigail Washburn : Four Seasons Medley from the CD Wu Fei & Abigail Washburn (Smithsonian Folkways) folkways.si.edu

3. Najma Akhtar : Death Don't Have No Mercy from the CD Five Rivers (Last Minute Productions) najmaakhtar.com

4. Joan Shelley : Cycle from the DL album Live At The Bomhard (Joan Shelley/ No Quarter) joanshelley.bandcamp.com

5. Charlie Dore : Terrible Lie from the CD Like Animals (Black Ink Music) charliedore.com

6. Eliza Carthy & Ben Seal : The Lute Girl from the CD Through That Sound (My Secret Was Made Known) (Hem Hem) eliza-carthy.com

7. Aynur Doğan : Govend E from the CD Hedûr – Solace Of Time (Dreyer Gaido) dreyer-gaido.de

8. Damir Imamovic : Adio Kerida from the CD Singer Of Tales (Wrasse) wrasserecords.com

9. Trio Tekke : The First Day from the CD Strovilos (Riverboat) worldmusic.net

10. Victoria Spivey : Dope Head Blues from the CD Rough Guide To Blues Divas (World Music Network) worldmusic.net

11. Charley Patton : Prayer Of Death (Part 1) from the CD Rough Guide To Spiritual Blues (World Music Network) worldmusic.net

12. Raphael Callaghan : Poor Me from the CD Blue Lies (Blue Cee) raphaelcallaghan.com

13. Pete Morton : Immigrant Child from the CD A Golden Thread (Further) petemorton.com

14. Ultan Conlon : Moments In Time from the CD There's A Waltz (Dark Side Out) ultanconlon.com

15. Sproatly Smith : The Thistle Doll from the DL album A Trip Of Hares (Weirdshire) sproatlysmith.bandcamp.com

16. Elle Osborne : Birds Of The British Isles from the CD If You See A Rook On Its Own, It's A Crow (9th House) elleo.com

17. Albin Paulus : Weiss Der Geier from the CD Pur (Non Food Factory albinpaulus.com

18. Tom Kitching : Old Molly Oxford from the CD Seasons Of Change (Talking Cat) tomkitching.co.uk

19. Pharis & Jason Romero : Old Chatelaine from the CD Bet On Love (Lula) pharisandjason.com

20. The Lowest Pair : Cast Away from the CD The Perfect Plan (Delicata/ Thirty Tigers) thelowestpair.bandcamp.com

21. The Magpies : No More Tears from the CD Tidings (The Magpies) themagpiesmusic.com

22. Edikanfo : Daa Daa Edikanfo from the CD The Pace Setters (Glitterbeat) glitterbeat.com

23. Deep Cabaret : Real Reality from the CD Matchless (Deep Cabaret) deepcabaret.co.uk

24. Katie Spencer : Incense Skin from the DL album Live At Acoustic Roots (Katie Spencer) katiespencerofficial.bandcamp.com

25. Findlay Napier, Gillian Frame & Mike Vass : Mormond Braes from the CD The Ledger (Cheery Groove) findlaynapier.com/theledger

26. The Henrys : Dogwood from the DL album Paydirt (The Henrys) thehenrys.bandcamp.com

27. Mike Cooper & Scot Ray : The Dark Side Of Glowing Fish from the DL album Dua Kepala Kelapa (Mike Cooper) mikecooper.bandcamp.com

28. Geiger Von Müller : Wings From Angel James from the CD Ruby Red Run (Geiger Von Müller) geigervon.bandcamp.com

29. Varo : Streets Of Forbes from the CD Varo (Varo) varodublin.bandcamp.com

30. Spilar : Germaine from the CD Stormweere (Trad) spilar.be

31. The Rude Mechanicals : Leeds Polka/ The Redowa from the CD Sergeant Early’s Dream (Rudemex) rudemex.co.uk

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