15 May 2020

Podwireless Archive May & June 2005


For your mid-month lock-in delectation, I've put together two programmes first heard on the interweb in 2005 during Podwireless’s earlier incarnation as fRoots Radio. You'll notice how many more major 'world music' (as we still called it then) releases there still were 15 years ago, before that all fell off a cliff. The 2008 world economic recession gave the coup de grâce to what had already begun with travel restrictions after events in Manhattan in September 2001.
1. Orchestre Rivo-Doza: (Unknown Title) from the cassette Orchestre Rivo-Doza (no label)

2. (Sig) Tiger Moth: Sloe Benga from the CD Mothballs Plus (Weekend Beatnik) ghostsfromthebasement.bandcamp.com

3. Mariza: Quando Me Sinto Só from the CD Transparente (EMI) mariza.com

4. Toumani Diabate & Symmetric Orchestra: Kaira from the CD Shake The Whole World (Ki-0on)

5. Toumani Diabate & Ali Farka Toure: Debé from the CD In The Heart Of The Moon (World Circuit) shop.worldcircuit.co.uk

6. Baye Coly: Tialia from the CD Etamaya (Frikyiwa)

7. Fimber Bravo & Kadialy Kouyate: Seagulls from the CD Small Talk (Bravo Bravo) bravo-bravo.co.uk

8. Moussu T e Lei Jovents: Lo Gabian from the CD Mademoiselle Marseille (Manivette) moussuteleijovents.com/manivette.html

9. Barry Dransfield: Grand Conversation from the CD Unruly (Violin Workshop)

10. Eliza Carthy & The Ratcatchers: Scan Tester's Country Step Dance from the CD Rough Music (Topic) topicrecords.co.uk

11. Alasdair Roberts: Lyke Wake Dirge from the CD No Earthly Man (Drag City) dragcity.com

12. Stelios Petrakis & Bijan Chemirani: Matta Zeybegi from the CD Kismet (Buda) budamusique.com

13. Savina Yannatou: Sta Kala Lu Serenu from the CD Sumiglia (ECM) ecmrecords.com

14. Actores Alidos: Ninnidu A Giogu from the CD Canti Delle Donne Sarde (Finisterre) finisterre.it

15. Debashish Bhattacharya: Nata Raaj from the CD Calcutta Slide Guitar 3 (Riverboat) worldmusic.net

16. (Sig) Tiger Moth: Sloe Benga from the CD Mothballs Plus (Weekend Beatnik) ghostsfromthebasement.bandcamp.com

17. Mariza: Recusa from the CD Transparente (EMI) mariza.com

18. Kiran Ahluwaliya: Vo Kuch from the CD Kiran Ahluwalia (Triloka)

19. Ehekye Collective: Nyekaafo from the CD Womba (Ehekye Collective)

20. Serigne M'Baye: Sant Yalla from the CD Itineraire d'un Enfant Bronzé (Barclay)

21. Rasha: Aguis Mahasnik Biman from the CD The Rough Guide To Sudan (WMN) worldmusic.net

22. Yasmin Levy: Locura from the CD La Juderia (Connecting Cultures)

23. Panagiotis Kalantzopoulos: Nai e Oxi from the CD Thursday Evening (Cantini) cantini.gr

24. Emily Portman & Lauren McCormick: Polly Oliver from the CD Song Links 2 (Fellside) http://www.fellside.com

25. Tim Eriksen: Still Growing from the CD Song Links 2 (Fellside) fellside.com

26. Chris Wood: Lord Bateman from the CD The Lark Descending (RUF) chriswoodmusic.co.uk

27. Spi & La Gaudriole: Sarrasine from the CD En Avant Baleti (Cinq Planetes)

28. Ferus Mustafov: Revisko Oro from the CD King Ferus (GlobeStyle) acerecords.co.uk

29. Salif Keita & Kante Manfila: Djigui from the CD The Lost Album (Syllart)

30. Gaby Lita Bembo & Orch. Stukas: Idee Kono from the CD Kita Mata ABC (RetroAfric) retroafric.com

31. Andrew Cronshaw: Baile De Procesion from the CD The Language Of Snakes (Special Delivery/ Topic) topicrecords.co.uk

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