31 May 2020

Podwireless 214 June 2020


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1. (Sig) English Country Blues Band : The Italian Job from the CD Unruly (Weekend Beatnik) ghostsfromthebasement.bandcamp.com
2. Ma Polaine's Great Decline : Paris Is Burning from the CD City Of Love (OMH) mapolainesgreatdecline.com

3. The Haar : The Creggan White Hare from the CD Extinct (Extinct) thehaar.ie

4. Carla Pires : Virafado from the CD Cartografado (Ocarina) ocarina-music.pt

5. Tiganá Santana : Flor Destinada from the CD Vida-Código (Ajabu) ajabu.com

6. Shirley Collins : Wondrous Love from the CD Heart's Ease (Domino) dominomusic.com

7. A Different Thread : Pretty Polly from the CD Some Distant Shore (A Different Thread) adifferentthread.com

8. Jake Blount : Blackbird Says To The Crow from the CD Spider Tales (Free Dirt) freedirt.net

9. The Master Musicians Of Dyffryn Moor : Music for Hand-Washing X from the CD Music For Hand-Washing (Dyffryn Moor) dyffrynmoor.bandcamp.com

10. Justin Adams : Endless Ocean from the DL single (Justin Adams) facebook.com/justin.adams.18659

11. Transglobal Underground : Mind The Gap from the CD Walls Have Ears (Mule) transglobalunderground.net

12. The Master Musicians Of Dyffryn Moor : Music for Hand-Washing XXV from the CD Music For Hand-Washing (Dyffryn Moor) dyffrynmoor.bandcamp.com

13. Amadou Diagne & Cory Seznec : Mbaguel from the CD Touki – Right Of Passage (Captain Pouch) toukimusic.com

14. JMO : Hang Ever from the CD Dandoula Tala (CPL Music) cpl-music.de

15. Lisa Marini : Deeds Not Words from the CD Born In Tribes (Lisa Marini) lisamarini.com

16. Vilda + Soleil + Willows : Remember Your Name Pt.1  from the DL single (Musique Nomade) musiquenomade.bandcamp.com

17. Radik Tyulyush : Osku from the CD Folk And Great Tunes From Russia (CPL Music) cpl-music.de

18. Alyona Minulina : Rusalka from the CD Folk And Great Tunes From Russia (CPL Music) cpl-music.de

19. Dora Darling : The Endless Sea from the CD The Quest (Dora Darling) doradarling.com

20. The Mammals : If You Could Hear Me Now from the CD Nonet (Humble Abode Music) themammals.love

21. Olcay Bayir : Sto Pa Kai Sto Xanaleo from the DL single (Olcay Bayir) olcaybayir.bandcamp.com

22. Kristine Heebøll feat. Timo Alakotila : Marcipanvals from the CD Pernambuk (Go' Danish Folk) gofolk.dk

23. Bananagun : People Talk Too Much from the DL single (Full Time Hobby) fulltimehobby.co.uk

24. TootArd : Emotional Twist from the CD Migrant Birds (Glitterbeat) glitterbeat.com

25. Alula Down : Wrap Your Hills Around Our Absence from the DL single (Alula Down) aluladown.bandcamp.com/

26. Trappist Afterland & Grey Malkin : Full Crow Moon (Scarecrow Song) from the CD The Trappist & The Hare (Reverb Worship) trappistafterland.bandcamp.com

27. Brazen Thieves : I Courted A Wee Girl from the DL single (Brazen Thieves) brazenthieves.bandcamp.com

28. Shiran : Maskin Ya Nas from the CD Glsah Sanaanea (Batov) batovrecords.com

29. Alhousseini Anivolla & Girum Mezmur : Chet Azawad from the CD Afropentatonism (Piranha) piranha.de

30. Al Bilali Soudan : Tanghani from the CD Tombouctou (Clermont) clermontmusic.com

31. Sen Svaja : As Atsikeliau from the CD Kraitis Is Pelkes – Dowry From A Swamp (CPL Music) cpl-music.de

32. Merry Hell : Leave It In The Ground from the DL single (Merry Hell) merryhell.co.uk

33. Beppe Gambetta : Fighting While We Can from the CD Where The Wind Blows (Borealis) borealisrecords.com

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