31 January 2021

Podwireless 222 February 2021



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1. (Sig) English Country Blues Band : The Italian Job from the CD Unruly (Weekend Beatnik) Bandcamp

2. The Young Tradition : Randy Dandy-O from the Chicken On A Raft EP (Transatlantic/ Castle)

3. Edward II : Hold Em Joe from the CD Dancing Tunes (Edward II) Website

4. La Talvera : Anuèit A La Talvera from the CD A Tu Vai (Cordae La Tavera) Website

5. Amparanoia : El D’a Que No from the CD Himnopsis Colectiva (Mamita) Website

6. Jon Wilks : The Lover's Ghost from the CD Up The Cut (Jon Wilks) Bandcamp

7. Jim Causley : Childe The Hunter from the CD Devonshire Roses (Hroc Music) Website

8. Vaev : Klaphopsa from the CD Vaev (Go' Danish Folk Music) Website

9. Kjorstad Brothers : Katta Satt Oppå Takje from the CD Kjære Min Maur (Ta:Lik) Bandcamp

10. Britt Pernille Frøholm : Møllarguten Sin Halling from the CD Fokhaugen (Kviven) Website

11. Komasi : Doni Doni from the CD Mezclatotal (Komasi) Facebook

12. Anansy Cissé : Talka (Poverty) from the CD Anoura (Riverboat) Website

13. Kitty MacFarlane : Half Wild from the DL single (Gilded Lily) Website

14. Sarah McQuaid : The Silence Above Us from the DL album The St Buryan Sessions (Shovel And A Spade) Website

15. Myles Cochran : Churrito from the CD Unsung (9Ball) Website

16. Mandel : Mini Suite iii from the DL EP Nha Trang Mini Suite (Bedroom Community) Bandcamp

17. Cuarteto Aguilar : Fiesta Mora en Tánger from the DL album Secret Museum Of Mankind: Guitars Vol. 1 (Jalopy) Bandcamp

18. Jack Gregory : Minore Tou Teke from the DL album Secret Museum Of Mankind: Guitars Vol. 1 (Jalopy) Bandcamp

19. Malika & Party : Si Bure Mambo from the CD Zanzibara 10 (Buda) Website

20. Stella Chiweshe : Sarura Wako from the CD Ambuya! (Remastered) (Piranha) Website

21. Dave Townsend : The Princess Royal/Old Tom Of Oxford from the CD Concertina Allsorts (Serpent Press) Website

22. Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne : The Jolly Highwayman from the CD Rakes & Misfits (Grimdon) Website

23. Tuuletar : Taival from the DL EP Vetten Vuoro (Bafes Factory) Website

24. Las Lloronas : Me Confio from the CD Soaked (Muziekpublique) Website

25. Staritsa : Kak u nashej u Dunyashi from the CD Klyukva (CPL-Music) Website

26. Lewis Barfoot : Sweet Dreams from the CD Glenaphuca (Lewis Barfoot) Website

27. Dowally : Three Little Babes from the CD Early Bird // Night Owl (Dowally) Website

28. 4 Mars : Baxsanow Ismaacil from the CD Super Somali Sounds From The Gulf Of Tadjoura (Ostinato) Website

29. Vis-A-Vis : Kankyema from the CD Obi Agye Me Dofo (We Are Busy Bodies) Bandcamp

30. Hairetis Harper : Lost In The City from the DL album Draft (Same Difference) Bandcamp


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  1. Hi, Ian: Cuarteto Aguilar's recording is from 1928. (Master's Voice D 1548). They play "Fiesta mora en tanger" (Moorish party in Tangier), expressly composed by Joaquin Turina for the group.