14 February 2021

Podwireless 21stC English Folk 1



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It's hard to believe that we're already 21 years into the 21st Century!

This programme is the first of two song-lead companion pieces to last June's No Voices (England) which showcased instrumental tracks by English musicians. They're natural successors to my Rough Guide To English Folk and Looking For A New England compilation CDs of a decade back.

For most of the second half of the last century, folk music by English performers tended to get overshadowed by music from Ireland, Scotland and, obviously, America – even to English people. But this century things have really changed and I didn't have to look very far to find loads of great examples. Everything here was included on one of the dozens of compilation CDs and download albums that I assembled for fRoots magazine (RIP) up to the summer of 2019, and the only problem was what to leave out! They were regular showcases for the state of the art, often by newly emerging artists. And another big change to previous decades is the justified predominance of women artists, something where the folk scene has been well ahead of the world of rock and pop.

It's these 21st century newcomers that are the focus here. With just a couple of exceptions, nearly everybody I've included in these two programmes began their playing careers or released their first recordings in the 21st century, adding to the amazing pool of existing, often iconic, artists and their records from the previous generation(s). Many have already established themselves well, a few briefly burned brightly and then slipped away again. All digits are crossed that new performing careers survive the pandemic hiatus and restrictions.

Because I already did No Voices, the only instrumental tracks here are those which open and close each show. But that's another massive element of 21st Century English folk/ roots music for you to investigate!

Part 2 of will be along in mid-March, featuring Spiro, The Rheingans Sisters, Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne, Bird In The Belly, Kitty Macfarlane, False Lights, Alula Down, This Is The Kit, Jack Rutter, Ruth Theodore, Nancy Wallace, Mawkin Causley, Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker, Marry Waterson & David A Jaycock, Katie Rose, The Lords Of Thyme, Spiers & Boden, Jackie Oates, Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar, Hladowski & Joynes, Jon Wilks, Laura Smyth & Ted Kemp, Sam Lee, Dogan Mehmet, Lori Campbell, Heg & The Wolf Chorus, Julian Gaskell & His Ragged Trousered Philanthropists, Phillip Henry & Hannah Martin and Gadarene.


1. Three Cane Whale : Dancing Ledge from the CD Three Cane Whale (Idyllic) Website

2. Eliza Carthy : Pretty Ploughboy from the CD Anglicana (Topic) Website

3. Sproatly Smith : The Blue Flame from the CD The Minstrel's Grave (Folk Police) Website

4. Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith : A Monument To The Times/ The Stepped Ford from the CD Many A Thousand (Jimmy & Sid) Website

5. Olivia Chaney : The King's Horses from the CD EP Olivia Chaney (Olivia Chaney) Website

6. You Are Wolf : As Sylvie Was Walking from the CD Keld (Firecrest) Website

7. Telling The Bees : Windflower from the CD Steer By The Stars (Black Thrustle) Bandcamp

8. Lucy Farrell & Jonny Kearney : Hares On The Mountain from the CD EP The North Farm Sessions (Rabble Rouser) Website

9. Harp And A Monkey : The Manchester Angel from the CD All Life Is Here (Moonraker) Website

10. Bella Hardy : All Things Are Quite Silent from the CD Night Visiting (Noe) Website

11. Ian King : Four Loom Weaver from the CD Panic Grass & Fever Few (Fledg'ling) Website

12. Mary Hampton : Forget-Me-Not from the CD Folly (Teaspoon) Website

13. Long Hill Ramblers : Lady Diamond from the CD Beauty & Butchery (Long Hill Ramblers) Website

14. The Memory Band : Come Write Me Down from the CD Apron Strings (Peace Frog) Website

15. Jim Moray : William Of Barbary from the CD Upcetera (NIAG) Website

16. Emily Portman : Stick Stock from the CD The Glamoury (Furrow) Website

17. Lutine : Death And The Lady from the CD White Flowers (Front & Follow) Website

18. Jason Steel : We Danced from the CD Crucible Songs (Rif Mountain) Website

19. Thom Ashworth : Work Life Out To Keep Life In from the CD Hollow (TAUK) Website

20. Martha Tilston : Lovely On The Water from the CD The Sea (Squiggly) Website

21. Tim Van Eyken : Fair Ellen Of Ratcliffe from the CD Stiffs Lovers Holymen Thieves (Topic) Website

22. Rhona Dalling : I Don't Mind from the DL album Walk Me Round (Rhona Dalling) Bandcamp

23. Tim Jones & The Dark Lanterns : Blossom & Fruit from the CD Blossom & Fruit (Tim Jones Music) Bandcamp

24. Lisa Knapp : Pleasant Month Of May from the CD Till April Is Dead (Ear To The Ground) Bandcamp

25. Nick Hart : The Rakish Young Fellow from the CD Nick Hart Sings Nine English Folk Songs (Nick Hart) Website

26. Rachael McShane & The Cartographers : Sheath And Knife from the CD When All Is Still (Topic) Website

27. Stick In The Wheel : Roving Blade from the CD Follow Them True (From Here) Website

28. Leveret : The Good Old Way from the CD In The Round (RootBeat) Website


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