30 December 2019

Podwireless 207 November 2019

PLAY LINK: Podwireless 207 November 2019

1. (Sig) English Country Blues Band : The Italian Job from the CD Unruly (Weekend Beatnik) ghostsfromthebasement.bandcamp.com
2. Aino & Miihkali : Bima Bikeride from the CD Aino & Miihkali (Koistenen) ainomiihkali.com

3. Bruce Cockburn : Angels In The Half Light from the CD Crowing Ignites (True North) truenorthrecords.com
4. Sam Amidon : Fatal Flower Garden from the CD EP Fatal Flower Garden (Nonesuch) nonesuch.com

5. Kacy & Clayton : Spare Me Over One More Year from the CD Carrying On (New West) newwestrecords.com
6. Ondigui & Bota Tabansi International : Wonderful For Ashawo from the CD Ewondo Rhythm (BBE) bbemusic.com

7. Zong-Zing All-Stars : Matoba from the CD Kangaroo Dance (Fire In The Mountain) fireinthemountain.co.uk
8. Andy Irvine : Down By Greer's Grove from the CD Old Dog Long Road – Vol.1 (Andy Irvine) andyirvine.com

9. Mozaik : Rainbow 'Mid The Willows from the CD The Long And The Short Of It (Mozaik) andyirvine.com

10. Lankum : Katie Cruel from the CD The Livelong Day (Rough Trade) roughtraderecords.com
11. Josienne Clarke : My Love Gave Me An Apple from the CD In All Weather (Rough Trade) roughtraderecords.com

12. Amy Speace : Ginger Ale And Lorna Doones from the CD Me And The Ghost Of Charlemagne (Proper) proper-records.co.uk
13. The Servants' Ball : Number One Step Dance from the CD The Servants' Ball (D.Wink) facebook.com/theservantsball/

14. Nicola Beazley : Echoes from the CD Echoes (Nicola Beazley) nicolabeazley.bandcamp.com
15. Steve Gunn : New Moon from the CD Acoustic Unseen (Matador) matadorrecords.com

16. Julian Gaskell : Mizzle-Eyed Maiden Of The West  (unreleased) juliangaskell.co.uk/
17. Lyaman : Ma Tham'ma from the CD Abyati 19 (Buda) budamusique.com

18. Soymanga : Moramora Zoky from the CD Madagascar! Salegy, Soukous & Soul From The Red Island 1974-1984 (Strut) strut-records.com
19. Road Not Taken : William Taylor from the CD Fragment (Road Not Taken) roadnottaken.co.uk

20. Julu Irvine & Heg Brignall : Gather from the CD single (Julu & Heg) juluandheg.com

21. Marisa Jack & Davy : Bushes And Briars from the CD EP Bring Us In (Marisa Jack & Davy) marisajackanddavy.com
22. El Khat : Ala Jina Nuhayiykum from the CD Saadia Jefferson (Batov) batovrecords.com

23. Nguyên Lê : Mother Goddess - Yellow Earth from the CD Overseas (ACT) actmusic.com
24. Bella Hardy : Maying Song from the CD Postcards & Pocketbooks (Noe) bellahardy.com

25. Johnny Coppin : Angelus from the CD 30 Songs (Red Sky) redskyrecords.co.uk
26. Novar : Mathijs In Den Aldi from the CD Starling (Trad Records) www.novar.be

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